How to Simplify Design to Improve User Involvment

Three Useful Strategies to Simplify User Interface and Improve Visitor Interaction on a Website

User interface plays an important role in making a user-friendly, intuitive website. As such, our aim here will be to examine the ways a web development company can enhance various elements of user interface to provide visitors with the best viewing experience.

Strategies for Simplifying User Interface

Strategy 1: Default Values and Auto-completion

web development companyA web development company can simplify the process of filling out forms present on your website by providing default values for form's fields. Such default values can be selected on the basis of common values which are selected for those fields by visitors.
This strategy can certainly simplify user interface of your site and improve the interaction visitors have with your site. In the following sections let us go through details of how some popular sites utilize this strategy for improving user interaction on their site.
• Google Search: Auto complete is a popular feature we find on Google search and it helps to facilitate interaction users have with Google. Moreover, this feature offers users a glimpse of what other people are searching for and helps users refine their own search.
• Twitter: If you do a search on Twitter, it will provide profile links, which helps visitors directly open someone's profile page. This helps to cut down the need to browse the search results.
These features help in improving interface of your site and in enhancing quality of interaction users have while browsing your site.

Strategy 2: Registration Process

Your web development company can implement functionality on your site which allows users to register on your site using social media accounts they have, such as Twitter or Facebook accounts.
By simplifying registration and login process you will be able to increase visitor interaction on the site since visitors will be able to quickly pass login or registration process to perform necessary tasks.

Strategy 3: Expandability

Expandable controls are another way to create a cleaner user interface. These controls display content or design elements when a user clicks on them. With this approach, your web development company can create a clutter-free and aesthetically appealing design. Some popular sites are already utilizing this functionality. Facebook, for example, uses expandability features quite effectively. If you look at the comments section, you will find that initially it has a collapsed form in every post. The comment box shows up only when comment link is clicked by a visitor.


From the above details it is quite clear that it is certainly possible to enhance user interface of a website, the only thing that is required is the right strategy and proper implementation.

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