Mayweather Vs McGregor Live Streaming Online

Finally, the most anticipated fight between the unbeatable five division champion boxer Floyd Mayweather and martial artist who is also the current lightweight champion McGregor is happening this August 26 at Las Vegas . The Mayweather vs McGregor live will take place at the t-mobile arena. however, says that the event might be sabotaged as there is another interested party who has booked the stage same date. Rapper’s big 3 basketball league is set to use the stage same night the Mayweather vs McGregor live is set to take place. Trusted sources from big 3 claimed that they do not intend to move their date. Responding to this, both fighters affirmed their fans that the matter will be resolved amicably so they shouldn’t worry.

The fight has elicited different opinions from different parties’ majority stating that the two are just in it for money. They say they are optimistic that McGregor will be on the ground before the first 30 minutes and do not see why he should engage the mighty Mayweather. Others claim that it was time Mayweather get to box one of his kinds and so he should come out and be ready to defend his title.

The fight will no doubt be the most captivating as is set to make five million television hits with the highest pay per view record. Since it will be the biggest ever, it is certain that fans will grab this opportunity to place their stakes on the outcome.

Mayweather 40, said was it not for the demand from the fans that he faces McGregor; he wouldn’t have come out from his retirement. Fans must be given what they demand’ he said and further added that McGregor is a hell of a tough competitor but will square things up come 26th august. In his respond, McGregor boasted of his technique of putting people to unconsciousness and blatted that Mayweather too will be off before he knows.

Well, the fight will mean financial success for both as they will take $252 AND $131 home. Mayweather may not be much interested since he took the same home in 2015 but will mean a step higher for McGregor as it will be the highest paid amount to him in his fighting career.

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